It’s important that your irrigation system functions reliably and consistently performs at a high efficiency. With our expert installation services, your system will be set up properly in a way that best suits your home. With over 30 years of experience, you can count on our team doing their job right the first time.

  • Irrigation Design – We find the best system layout for your home that suits your needs

  • Expert Installation – Your system will be dependable with high performance

  • Free Estimates – We’ll help you find the best solution at the right price


The promise of Spring in New England is always a great feeling. At Titan Irrigation Inc., we help you prepare for the new season. We test all zones for proper coverage and performance, and repair or replace any broken components.

  • Water Supply Activation – We flush your lines and restore your water supply after the Winter

  • Program Controller Adjustment – We make sure that your system is functioning properly and adjust as needed

  • Component Adjustment, Repair & Replacement – We fully inspect your system and adjust any malfunctions

  • Coverage & Performance Testing– We run full tests to ensure your system is working properly and efficiently


New England Winters can take a serious toll on your irrigation system if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Our winterizing services are based on elemental damage prevention, making sure that we’ve done everything we can to prepare you for the cold weather.

  • Irrigation Line Draining – We drain your system to prevent any freezing and bursting

  • Line Flushing – Flushing the water lines to clear contaminants and avoid damage

  • Cracking & Freezing Prevention – Taking all precautions to ensure the integrity of your system


Finding the right irrigation system for your home can make your life significantly easier. We design a system specifically to your needs and install it to insure it is implemented properly and efficiently.

  • Expert Installation – Our team installs your new system properly to ensure high performance

  • Perfect For Gardens, Scrub Beds & Hanging Plants – An ideal setup for your home garden or plant selection

  • Precise Watering – This system is ideal for measured watering and targets the roots specifically

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